Studio Policy

Helpful Information on Frequently Asked Questions

What is the studio's lesson payment policy?

Payment for lessons is made in sets of 10 lessons at a time via e-transfer at your bank's online site. Please email us if you are interested in registering and we will send you an invoice via email for your first 10 lessons.  Our hourly fees are $70 for each piano and each theory lesson.

What is the studio's lesson cancellation policy?

One of the key advantages of our studio is our flexible policy with missed lessons.  While we encourage students to be in regular attendance, we understand occasionally due to illness a student may not be able to attend a class. We request the student (or parent) contact the studio as soon as non- attendance for a forthcoming class is known. The studio will not charge the student for the missed lesson in this situation. Similarly, if the teacher is required to cancel a class due to illness, the studio will not charge the student for the missed lesson. However, if a lesson is missed due to travel or any other reason, other than illness, the studio will charge for the missed lesson.

What is the studio's student withdrawal policy?

Thirty (30) calendar days’ notice is required for termination of lessons at any given time during the year in order to qualify for a refund of the remaining lessons in the set of 10 already paid up set of lessons. The only exception is a situation of prolonged illness in which case the student may withdraw as necessary and a refund will be provided for the remaining lessons of the set of 10 lessons already paid.