Globally Renowned Exams and Assessments


The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, or ABRSM, is the UK's largest music education body and the world's leading provider of music exams, holding over 650,000 assessments in more than 90 countries every year. As a registered charity, ABRSM also makes significant donations towards music education initiatives around the world.

Founded in 1889, ABRSM has a long and storied history. But its mission has stayed the same: to nurture a love for music, and to inspire achievement in it. At ABRSM, they believe that everyone, wherever they're from, should have access to high-quality music-learning. In partnership with four Royal Schools of Music, ABRSM supports music-making and learning across the globe and here in Canada. 

ABRSM's core activity is providing graded music exams, assessments and diplomas. An ABRSM grade has a worldwide currency and our exams are designed to motivate learners at all levels and ages, providing realistic goals and tangible rewards for their achievements.

Key Advantages of ABRSM 

Here are some key advantages to the ABRSM curriculum and requirements.

  • ABRSM is highly reputed and recognized internationally with examinations held in over 90 countries.

  • ABRSM students are permitted to skip grades for their theory examinations with Grade 5 being the only theory prerequisite for higher grade exams. 

  • ABRSM encourages but does not require memorization of the exam pieces. Many students find it difficult to memorize pieces especially in the higher grade exams with a full academic workload also on their plate.

  • ABRSM requires three pieces from different periods. Three pieces from different periods are more than sufficient for an examiner to adjudicate a student's work. Other examination systems may require  five or more pieces (in higher grades) resulting in an undue burden on the candidate.

BC High School Credits

ABRSM qualifies for BC High School fine arts electives credits as a qualified and recognized external evaluation board as follows:  

High School Credits.png